The man behind the brand. Mr. Taher Taheri is a lawyer turned Judge who comes from a family of famers. As man of both worlds, he created the Taher Agroindustrial group with his knowledge and skills to produce quality products whilst protecting the farmers.


The strength and force of Taher Agroindustrial Group. As the eldest of the Taher family, he is naturally a responsible leader. Graduating from the Industrial Management field, Mr.Mohammad provides his skills and knowledge to bring the company to great heights.


A confident daughter of the Taheri family. Fahime Taheri is a person who holds masters in Phytopathalogy. She is a person who is well versed in the field of agriculture. This allows her to be a consultant to our farmers besides being capable of focusing and detecting minute details in the production to maintain top notch quality.


A man with a vision for the development of Taher Agroindustrial Group. Dr.Ali Taheri being not only the youngest of the lot but he is also the man who changed and transformed the company’s image internationally. His innovative personality has allowed him to create a strong international clientele to provide the best quality products