volck oil

Volck Oil in Pistachio Farms

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What is Volck Oil? A pistachio tree needs to experience the temperature between 2 to 7 degree in fall and winter. This situation creates a normal condition for vegetative and reproductive structures of the tree in spring and will help it to have the proper function to produce. The chilling period according to pistachio types […]

Verifying the authenticity of Iso certification

Iso certification. Verifying the authenticity.

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 ISO Certificate ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 is an internationally recognized certification which ensures quality of products and services & food safety management of a company. In this regard, a company requires doing audition of its processes periodically. Regular process audits and as-needed audits, when done correctly, provide the objective feedback needed to correct any deviations […]

Nowruz 1398

Nowruz Is on the Way

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Nowruz is a Persian festival that begins with spring and the new year. Iranians and some other countries welcome to Nowruz by some ceremonies and traditions like house cleaning, buying new clothes especially for the children, Chahar-Shanbe-Soory (last Wednesday of the year), the especial foods, fruits, nuts, sweets and etc. The nuts are a basic […]

Taher’s team at the Gulfood 2019

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Taher’s team attended in gulfood show at February 17-21, 2019 at Dubái, Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU). The most important international event for all professionals in the field of food & beverage. As a visitor, this was our team opportunity to build our profile & promote presence through the show.


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 Date Syrup Date syrup is probably the most commonly derived date product, produced in three different ways: As an accidental by-product in the storage of bagged, humid dates At the home or village level by extraction and boiling down of the juice On a semi- and full industrial scale. Properties: Fairly sweet liquid product Black […]


Are Dried Fruits and Nuts in the Superfoods Group?

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Superfoods are the foods commonly referred to as plant bases that are rich in nutrients, such as all kinds of vitamins and minerals, anti-inflammatory fatty acids, easy digestion proteins, and fiber, and have many health benefits. Superfoods are mainly consumed to improve human health. Some benefits of the superfoods on human health are: – Preventing […]