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Verifying the authenticity of Iso certification
Iso certification. Verifying the authenticity.
 ISO Certificate ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 is an internationally recognized certification which ensures quality of products and services & food
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Nowruz 1398
Nowruz Is on the Way
Nowruz is a Persian festival that begins with spring and the new year. Iranians and some other countries welcome to
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Dried Figs Market
The Dried Figs Global Market in 2017/2018
      source: International Nut and Dried Fruit  
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Taher’s team at the Gulfood 2019
Taher’s team attended in gulfood show at February 17-21, 2019 at Dubái, Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU). The most important international
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the world walnuts market
The Walnut Global Market in 2017/2018
ITD provides the data about the market for edible nuts and dried fruits in Europe, that can be interesting to
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 Date Syrup Date syrup is probably the most commonly derived date product, produced in three different ways: As an accidental
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Are Dried Fruits and Nuts in the Superfoods Group?
Superfoods are the foods commonly referred to as plant bases that are rich in nutrients, such as all kinds of
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Iranian pistachio kernels
Iranian Pistachio Kernel
The Iranian pistachio kernel is more delicious than other types of pistachios in the world because pistachio quality is very
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What are Barberries? Barberries (Zereshk in Persian) are small dried Iranian berries with the sweet and sour and sharp flavor.
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saffron market
The Future of The Saffron Market in 2025
Based on the researches, the international saffron market is forecasted to be 2.0 billion USD in 2025. The saffron market
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Drip Irrigation
Why Drip Irrigation?
Most of the pistachio lands are located near the desert and in areas where the daily evaporation is high in
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sultana vs raisins
What is difference between sultanas and raisins?
 Grapes are fruiting berries that grow in bunches on woody vines. They can be eaten directly or can be processed
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