Volck Oil in Pistachio Farms

volck oil
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What is Volck Oil?

A pistachio tree needs to experience the temperature between 2 to 7 degree in fall and winter.

This situation creates a normal condition for vegetative and reproductive structures of the tree in spring and will help it to have the proper function to produce.

The chilling period according to pistachio types varies between 600 to 1200 hours.

What is the damage caused by the lack of adequate chilling of pistachio trees?

A lack of adequate chilling causes:

  • Disturbance in the vegetative and reproductive system
  • Falling of blooms
  • Decrease in the production of pollen
  • The difference in the size of the branches
  • product severe reduction or loss of quality of the product

What is an artificial solution?

A solution to this problem is the usage of compounds that cause tension and shock to the plant’s respiratory system, and waking it up.

Combination of Volck and Soybean oil along with other material is one solution for helping the trees regarding this need.

What is the Volck oil mechanism?

Volck oil creates an impenetrable layer of oxygen on the buds, which prevents entering of oxygen into the buds.

The amount of oxygen penetration depends on the thickness of the oil layer and disappearing time, it happens usually after 10 to 14 days. The lack of oxygen created by this layer of oil causes the breakdown of the stagnation in the buds, and boosts plant metabolism to parse the oil. This activity triggers early buds growth.

Here are some tips on spraying the Volck oil:

  1. Use standard oil and no additives.
  2. Spraying at a time when it does not freeze up to 24 hours.
  3. Spraying during full swelling of the buds and see colored scales.
  4. Do not use Volk oil in the garden against pests.
Pistachio TypeDuration the needed chilling (Hour)Needed degree of chilling (Degree)The amount of the Volck usage
Ahmad Aghaei
7002 to 7Between 20 to 30 L oil in 1000 L water

12002 to 7Between 35 to 40 L oil in 1000 L water
Fandoghi & Kale Ghoochi6002 to 7Don't need to the Volck oil

Source: Researched By “Taher Agroindustrial Group