Nowruz Is on the Way

Nowruz 1398
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Nowruz is a Persian festival that begins with spring and the new year. Iranians and some other countries welcome to Nowruz by some ceremonies and traditions like house cleaning, buying new clothes especially for the children, Chahar-Shanbe-Soory (last Wednesday of the year), the especial foods, fruits, nuts, sweets and etc.

The nuts are a basic dish on Nowruz table

Nowruz’s Nuts include different items and are divided into several categories:

  1. Salted nuts include pistachios, pumpkin seeds, Red watermelon seeds (Japanese seeds), almonds, hazelnuts, and almonds. Salted nuts are the most common type of nuts in Nowruz, with added salt and other additives such as flavors and edible colors to make it look better


  1. Sweet nuts include walnut, raisin, dried berries, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, and cashew, which are received by people fewer for Nowruz. This type of nuts is healthier and safer than nuts due to lack of salt and raw.


  1. The four mixed nuts consist of almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, and cashew.


  1. Roasted nuts are some kind of nuts, which via warm dry, have the better flavor and perfume. But the important point is that the use of inappropriate and high heat can reduce sensitive nutrients in nuts and destroy vitamins that are unstable to heat. Vitamin C in High-temperature is easily eliminated, and among the B vitamins, vitamin B1 is eliminated more easily than others. The oil of the seeds and nuts are resistant to heat, and, although they get darkened, it decomposes a little, unless the temperature is too high, which then begins to burn and decompose by forming toxic substances that have a bad odor. Roasted nuts are corrupted and the roasting of nuts conceals their stale taste.


  1. Raw nuts are healthier and more reliable because the aflatoxin, which usually appears in black on these nuts, is not recognizable easily in roasted nuts, so it is best to buy the raw nuts.

Also you can use your taste and mixed your lovely nuts together.

Another important point is when buying nuts, pay attention to freshness and maintenance because if kept inappropriate or kept in a wet place, the possibility of the nuts corruption is very high.

In corrupted nuts, a toxic substance called aflatoxin is produced that has an important role in the development of liver cancer.

Source: Researched By “Taher Agroindustrial Group