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 Date Syrup

Date syrup

Date syrup is probably the most commonly derived date product, produced in three different ways:

  • As an accidental by-product in the storage of bagged, humid dates
  • At the home or village level by extraction and boiling down of the juice
  • On a semi- and full industrial scale.


  • Fairly sweet liquid product
  • Black color
  • 100% natural of Date(s)
  • Pasteurize
  • Without any additive, preservative, and color


  • Home use: breakfast complementary
  • For making jars and in home-made confectionery
  • For cooking the bread
  • Soft and natural sweetener
  • Mixing with banana milk
  • Serving with ice cream
  • Can be served with pancakes and within any milkshake


Date liquid sugar

Date Liquid Sugar

This product contains from Date Syrup, that all composites of non-glucose material such as protein, fiber, and pigment are extracted of date. The process of Date Liquid Sugar includes:

  • Diffusion (Juice extraction)
  • Transparency
  • Removing minerals
  • Concentration


  • Alternative for glucose and white sugar
  • Can be used in cold and hot drinks as a sweetener for diabetic and glucose intolerance people
  •  Uses in different kinds of food industry like beverages, chocolate, Ice cream…

 Date Paste



Date PasteDate paste is a fast growing popular date’s product in the world. It ’s mainly consumed as paste but also used as a major ingredient in  bakery and confectionery industries for cookies, sweet breads, candy bars.

Home Use:

  • The breakfast and afternoon snack complementary
  • Marmalade for producing home candy
  • Substitute sweeteners for baby foods
  • Add with yogurt is very nutritious and is the best food for those who are suffering from anemia


  • The base for other ingredients such as sauces and jams
  • Confectionery goods such as the core of cake, filling for biscuits
  • Food & beverage industries such as confectionery and bars, snacks, chocolate & dairy, baked goods, baby foods & alcoholic beverage and other food & beverage.

Date chips / Chopped Date

Chopped Date

Date chips or Chopped Date are made from dried dates. After separating the pits by a pitting machine, dates are chopped into same size pieces and rolled in high-quality rice flour to avoid the pastiness and add more dryness. It can be used as sugar cube alternative especially for diabetic patients or in making different kinds of pies and snacks. It is rich in vitamins and salts.


Source: Researched By “Taher Agroindustrial Group