Iranian Pistachio Kernel

Iranian pistachio kernels
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The Iranian pistachio kernel is more delicious than other types of pistachios in the world because pistachio quality is very high in Iran due to its climate.

The Iranian pistachio kernels types are the following:

Normal Pistachio kernel:


The types of Iranian export pistachios are Akbari, Ahmad Aqa’i, Badami, Kalah Quchi and Fandogi

The types of Iranian exported pistachios according to quality and the production processing are divided into several different categories, including healthy pistachios, dentin, chopped kernels, as well as wheat-shaped kernel.

The quality of Iranian pistachio kernel is different according the region, as well as how the pistachio tree is harvested and how it is stored.

The Fandoghi pistachio kernel is used the most, due to:

  • The more favorable price
  • The more favorable appearance
  • The green color of the mantle
  • The more economical (due to Fandoghi pistachios is one of the smallest types of pistachios)

Kaal (Raw) Kernels:

pistachio Kaal Kernels

Kaal (Raw) Kernels, comes from raw pistachios that are not yet fully prepared.

This pistachio kernel has a special feature, which has made it very popular on the market, and it’s the very green color of the mantle, while its outer skin is white. This green color of the pistachio kernel makes it an ideal product for all confectionery and decorative purposes.

This pistachio kernel in Iran is more expensive than conventional ones due to its greater demand and the high prices of pistachio kernel processing.

The quality of this pistachio kernel is measured based on its degree of prematurity.

Green Pistachio peeled kernels:

Green Pistachio peeled kernels

Iran’s green pistachio peeled kernel is also commonly known as Calac or Tow shells. The pistachio is bought and sold in the global marketplace by the name “Green Kernels” and is very green.

This pistachio kernel is used in more than 90% of the time for export, and is one of the most important types of Iranian pistachio kernel exports.

Among the pistachio kernel, this type is the most expensive because of the different production processing.

The quality of this type is based on its color and the higher the color of the pistachio kernel is the higher the quality.

Usually, the pistachio kernels are classified into the English alphabet.

They are divided according to the color:

  • Grade S: Super Green (dense dark green)
  • Grade A: dark green
  • Grade B: light green
  • Grade C: light green & yellowish green
  • Grade D: yellowish green
  • Grade F: green slivered kernels
  • Grade G: yellow slivered kernels

Mountain Pistachio Kernel:

This type of pistachio is one of the special types of Iranian exports that there are not much knowledge of the global markets and even the domestic market of Iran.

According to the size of the kernel and the size of the pistachios, this product is much smaller than other types of pistachios in Iran, but the interesting point is that this pistachio kernel is completely green and better than it, this pistachio kernel does not lose its green color.

The types of mountain Iranian pistachio kernels are divided into two groups after the harvest and after delivery to the market:

  •        White
  •        Herat and floral

Organic Pistachio Kernel:

One of the ways to supply the organic pistachio kernel is from organic Iranian pistachio gardens, although the price of organic pistachio kernels is generally higher than the regular one.

Also, the mountain pistachio kernel, due to the fact that without human involvement in the process of growth and fertility of forest trees are completely organic and one of the best options for export under the name of the “organic pistachio kernel” is considered

This kind of pistachio kernel is quite far from any chemical and toxin fertilizers.

Source: “Taher Agroindustrial Group