Mulberry The Healthy Snacks.

dry mulberry
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Dried white mulberries are mulberry fruits that are white in color and dried. According to different colors, mulberries can be roughly categorized into black and white types. In comparison, white mulberry is much juicier, sweeter, bigger, and tastier so that it is ideal to be consumed as fresh fruits. However in terms of nutritional value and medicinal uses, the difference between them are not so vast.

Dried mulberries are with light odor. They are sweet and slightly sour in taste. In general, the preferred one is bigger in size, thick in flesh, black in color and richer in sugar content.

Dried mulberries are believed to be beneficial as:

  1. a) Nutritional supplement
  2. b) Strengthening the spleen and stomach and improving digestive health
  3. c) Improving the hair and restoring color
  4. d) Preventing vascular sclerosis.
  5. e) Anti-cancer.
  6. f) Tonifying liver and kidney.
  7. g) Low calories.
  8. h) Treatment of sexual dysfunction.
  9. i) Anti-aging.

How to Eat Dried Mulberries

Natural dried mulberries are a delicious and healthy snack. There are so many ways to enjoy them in your diet:

1) Add dried mulberries to granola or trail mix for a sweet spin. Mulberries pair well with nuts, dried berries and coconut.

2) Reconstitute dried mulberries by soaking them in water before adding them to baked good recipes.

3) Prepare a green tea or herbal tea, and add a hint of sweetness by letting dried mulberries soak at the bottom of the cup.

4) Blend soaked mulberries into smoothies or juices.

5) Garnish yogurt, oatmeal, or salads with the dried berries.

6) Grind up dried mulberries and add them to recipes for muffins or cookies for a boost of nutrition.

7) Our favorite way – Snack on dried mulberries straight from the bag!

Production of other mulberry products

Dry mulberry syrup

Since the mulberries have different varieties, it’s best to choose the best and most suitable mulberries in each application, soft and sweet white mulberries with the semi-dry state is the best option to buy the bulk of this product in order to produce mulberry syrup.